Please help us to support Aids- and war orphans in Uganda. With your help we can offer the children a better life.

Our aim.

We would like to support further developments of the St. Francis institution for AIDS orphans and vulnerable children in Mannya, Rakai, Uganda and thus enable more than 400 children to receive a sound school education, opening up occupational perspectives. We believe education is the key to escaping from poverty-stricken conditions and developing future prospects. The care of orphans will remain a long-term concern for the state of Uganda (the average life expectancy is at present 52.3 years). In Uganda (as in other countries) there has again been a steep rise in AIDS cases since the development of new medication to combat the deadly illness has reduced the fear of infection.

We would like to establish the St. Francis School with its more than 400 pupils as a permanent and indispensable element of social and structural improvement in one of the poorest districts of Uganda.

We gladly welcome everyone who would like to support our initiative and its projects either with donations or active membership. Keep in mind that you can feed a child in Uganda for a whole month for only 5 €.

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